Sunday, March 31, 2013

Freestyle Tout

Finally Rachel and I decided that we should go to Freestyle Tout today. We have been talking about this restaurant since last year but we just never got the chance to go there. So yeah, at last!

We were hoping that this won't end up just like what happened in Dapur Dahlia. When we walked there, we kept saying to each other, lets not jinx it, lets not jinx it and it turns out to look much better than what we expected (we kept our expectations really really low). I was really glad that I actually brought a DSLR to take pictures.

The environment was really clean and they provided excellent customer service.

A random decoration at the entrance of the restaurant.

Rae Rae

Okay, lets move on to the food, shall we?
Halo Halo (Left) and Berry Deluxe Sundae (Right)

Berry Deluxe Sundae
The strawberry and vanilla sorbet were both really delicious. Both of us thought that the raspberry sorbets didn't really have much flavour in them. However, this is definitely worth the money since it has so many individual flavours in one dish. There's also chocolate sail which is really big. Both Rachel and I were not able to finish one piece. If you're a chocolate fan, you'll definitely love it - it has a really smooth texture.

Halo Halo
We thought that this dish tasted really similar to ABC (Malaysian, you should know what I'm talking about). We loved the red jelly but didn't really liked the green one. I must say, it looks much better than the picture on the menu.

Photo courtesy of Rachel. 

Photo courtesy of Rachel. 

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to you. They do not only have mouth-watering desserts, but also excellent customer service. It's a great place to chill with your friends while enjoying delicious desserts.

Check out their website for more information.
Let me give you one tip! It would be a great idea for you to check the menu on their website beforehand because their menus do not provide pictures for you (only some).


I don't know why but each time we go out to taste new food, we would always encounter something really funny/weird or just plain soi. Like everytime. This week, we thought oh, you know, the restaurant turned out to be much better than our expectations and before we left, we heard the staffs mentioned that there would be a storm coming soon. Both of us looked at each other and we were like, we better head back as soon as possible cause neither of us brought umbrellas. Right when we walked out of the restaurant, it rained so heavily. We waited for a few minutes and decided that we should just quickly run back. While running crazily in the rain, Rachel searched for a shortcut route that we would be able to take. We kept walking back and forth because we did not know where the bus stop was and different staffs gave us different directions! We were so lost! We were both laughing but feeling scared at the same time because it was getting dark and there was thunder. 

This was just the beginning. We were fully drenched.

The bus driver pointed out that were were caught under the rain and Rachel was like:
:O You don't say?
Haha, hillarious.

We finally got to a random bus which brought us to the city. We also managed to dry ourselves at a nearby hotel and went back home safely.

Ugh, and I'm already feeling sick. LOL. Man, can't wait till we see what happens the next time we go out on our food adventure. We are forever soi. You guys are welcome to join us. Haha!
Anyways, had an amazing time today! Haha, such a memorable day.

Love ya!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kraft belVita Breakfast

This is not a sponsored post.

First of all, I would like to say that I'm really grateful because I've been receiving ads even though I've not been blogging recently. Thank you to my loyal readers :) Love you all!

So recently, I've received an advertisement from belVita and I was really surprised because I realised that I've not purchased this product for ages! I guess that's the point of advertisements aye? To remind/promote customers about their products.

I was actually introduced to this product by one of my friend last year. I really loved it so I decided to share it with you guys! I also tried to take some pictures and I know I'm still lacking, but there's still no harm to practice right? :)

What's your favourite flavour? Mine would be Crunchy Oats :) Many people also love the Milk and Cereals flavour. These biscuits come in packets which would be very convenient whenever you're in a rush!


You can also check the nutrition information for other flavours on their website.

According to belVita, it is scientifically proven that you are able to store sustainable energy up to 4 hours! (With a glass of low fat milk)

Head down to the nearest supermarket to try one of these delicious flavours!
Also, don't forget to visit their website for more information! The animations are really cool! Just click on the ad below or click here!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Rose by Lee Hi

 Images taken from Lee Hi's Official Facebook

Lee Hi is getting prettier and prettier each day! She looks so stunning in her recent MV! Love this song! Teddy is such an amazing producer

On the side note, I shall be updating more often during the Easter holiday! I'm still currently busy with assignments and after today, I shall be free! So stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Old Friend

Hey guys! First of all, yes I know.. I haven't been updating my blog regularly! It's only the 3rd week and there's already so much to do! I just don't want to slack and regret after that, so I've been trying to keep up to date with my works! Anyways, here's a short update!

My really really really old friend came to Brisbane for a visit today! It was a very exciting moment for both me and Rachel! It was so nice meeting her after 2 years? Well, we'll meet up when I go back to Malaysia. I've known her since Primary 3 (If I'm not mistaken) and we would always have squash training together every single day! In addition to that, we would go to similar tuition! So we're always seeing each other! Haha, it's been nice seeing you & I hope we would meet again before you go back to Malaysia :(

And also, I hope that you'll do well in your foundation year & that you will be happy with your SPM results (SOON!)! Always keep in touch and take care Angela :)!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Oppa by Kim Tae Woo ft Megan Lee

I was so surprised to see that Kim Tae Woo actually appeared on this MV when I saw Megan's YouTube! (She signed with SoulShop Entertainment which is owned by Kim Tae Woo) Fall in love with this song the first time I listened to it! Currently listening to this song while typing this! It's so sweet :3 Both of them are such good singers!

Can't wait for Megan's debut! Fighting!

Check out the song below!