Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Eskinol

Today's review would also be a recommendation. 
However, you should always consult your doctors/dermatologist before purchasing any of these products! And I cannot stress enough that, what works on my skin, does not necessary mean that it will work on yours. It did not work on my brother and a couple of my friends.

When I became a teenager, I started having really bad breakouts and I didn't like it at all. I mean, who likes their face to have pimples all around their face? I'm sure we all want to have smooth skins. I thought of doing this review during exam period since that's when we all have the most breakouts! All the stress, lack of sleep and the junk food that we consume. I'm not gonna lie, my skin became so terrible during that period and it is still recovering. 

My mum and dad recommended me this product and it worked really good for me. This product is very very popular and I say this because when I was working in my parent's pharmacists, I see a lot of people purchasing them. What this cleanser do is basically remove the dirt from your skin and refreshes it. When I was younger, I would use this cleanser before sleep and I noticed that the cotton pad turned brown. Haha, I was so shocked to see the amount of dirt on my face. Nowadays, I would wash my face followed by my usual night skincare routine.

Product Information:
Product Brand: Sara Lee (Household and Body Care)
Product Name: Eskinol Naturals Facial Cleanser
Types: Lemon, Cucumber, Avocado and Calamansi
Made In: Philippines
Size: 75 mL, 225 mL

Just to clarify, there are also a wide variety of types and sizes that you can purchase in your pharmacy. I've only stated the types and sizes that I have. Each types have different functions.

Lemon: Helps prevent pimples.
Cucumber: Refreshes and help prevent pimples.
Avocado: Moisturizes skin.
Calamansi: Helps whiten skin and prevent pimples.

Can you guess which one is my favourite?
It's the Lemon Facial Cleanser. Most of the time, I use the Lemon and Cucumber and Facial Cleanser.

How to use?
I usually use it after washing my face and then follow on with my daily skin care routine. I pour adequate amount onto a cotton pad and wipe it around my face and neck. It makes your skin feels very refreshed especially the cucumber facial cleanser.

Most of the time, I would add medication into the cleanser to help with my pimples.

This medication is called Dalacin C and it is a prescription medication. You have to visit your doctor/dermatologist in order to purchase this medication. (Studying pharmacy is getting into me. Haha). FYI, this medication is also taken orally.

What do I think?
  • Eskinol is very cheap and effective.
  • It works really well for me. Sometimes, I would soak a cotton pad with the cleanser and place it on my pimple for about 10 minutes.
  • It removes excess dirt and makeup and keeps your skin clean.
  • It is very easy to use - it's just one extra step in your daily skincare routine. 
  • Available everywhere (in East Malaysia, not too sure in West Malaysia).
  • They come in a wide variety of types that would suit you.
  • Eskinol also come in different sizes which means it can be suitable to bring around when travelling.

  • I could tolerate the smell of the cleanser now, however, some people would complain about the sharp scent since it contains denatured alcohol.
  • Like I've said, it does not work for everyone.
  • Not available worldwide. I've never seen this product in Brisbane (Australia) before.
  • You would need prescription for Dalacin C, so not everyone would have access to this medication.

I would continue using this product since it have been very effective on me. Just to inform you guys, I also use other products like masks and other creams, but I use Eskinol most of the time.

Friday, June 21, 2013

How To: See-Through Bangs/ Fringe

Hello lovelies! I am back with another hair tutorial!

Instead of having fuller fringe, it is now a trend to have what you call, 'see-through' bangs. I first notice this hairstyle while watching Ulzzang Shidae. I noticed many ulzzangs especially Hong Young Gi and Han Ah Reum Song Yi with this hairstyle. It makes them look really cute and feminine. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion and it is great if keep your straight fringe away from your face if it's too long. As usual, here are some of the pictures that I found on Google.

Hong Young Gi

Han Ah Reum Song Yi

Ha Neul

This hairstyle is not only popular among ulzzangs, but it is also a trend in Korean celebrities.

Yoon Eun Hye
Hara (Kara)

SeoHyun (SNSD)

Kang Min Young (Davichi)

Goo Hye Sun

Don't they all look so pretty! Alright, let's head into the tutorial now!
Sorry, I just realised that some of the pictures are slightly darker.

1. When blow drying your hair, blow dry it around the comb.
2. Instead of a round brush, you can also use a plastic curler.
3. For more volume, instead of pulling the brush downwards, pull it directly away from you. If you understand what I mean...

Camwhoring time :3

Like my bunny beanie? :3

That's it from me today! I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial!
Good luck!

Do show me what your end results are! You can do it via twitter or instagram - @angiewongangchi

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill

Finally exams are over and I am back to blogging! Oh, how I've missed blogging. I must say, I have a lot of things that I would like to blog about, so, please anticipate them! :)

After my last exam, Rachel and I decided to go to Moo Moo Restaurant. We have a long list of where we want to visit and this place have been on our list for ages! If you would like to read more about this restaurant, here's their website: Moo Moo Restaurant.

When the waitress guided our way to the table, I was so shocked to see the meat displayed. I was not expecting that at all!

But they are pretty cool though...

The customer service that was provided was really good, the waitress was really nice and friendly. However, it took a really long time for us to place our order even though the place was not busy (about 2 other tables being served).

I really loved the environment in the restaurant. It was really clean and neat with the wine bottles decorations.
Alright, let's move on to the first dish that we ordered! We had...
Organic Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio

I've never tried this dish before so I'm not too sure how it's suppose to taste. We thought that it tasted like pizza and it was slightly too salty for my liking.

Now, for the second dish!
John Dory Fillet

I really love this dish! The fish and prawns were soft and they were full of flavours! Hmm, yumm.. 

This was a pretty cool hand wash "basin".
Both Rachel and I were so fascinated with the basin! It was so cool, don't you think?

The customer service was great and the food was excellent. However, it took a really long time for the dishes to be served. I'm not too sure whether it is supposed to be like that in western restaurants but we both agreed that we wont come to this restaurant if we are in a hurry. Other than that, We really enjoyed having our meal here.