Saturday, May 18, 2013

PappaRoti (Sunnybank)

Rachel and I decided that we should just hang out after uni to catch up and I recommended this place because they just opened another franchise in Market Square, which is just nearby. Just a short about this franchise. It is originally established in Malaysia, hence, the name of their shop - Pappa Roti (which means Father of All Bread). The unique thing about this shop is that, they only sell one type of bun. They also sell drinks and in some stores, gelato. 

My dad bought me this bun from Pappa Roti since last year and ever since, I loved it so much! It is basically coffee cream topping with buttery filling on the inside. It's crispy on the outside but light in the inside. When you walk by the store, you'll be able to smell the buns! Hmm.

Okay! Enough of the talking! Time for some food pictures and opinions!

Love love love this break! Mmmmm. We also ordered jackfruit gelato as an add on and it was just like any other ice cream. There was not as much flavor as we both wanted it to have. To be honest, we were not really expecting much after we had a look at the gelato bar.

For drinks on the other hand, I ordered their Signature Iced Coffee. I have to say, I was actually expecting a lot since it was their signature and boy can I say, I was so so so disappointed. It was just your regular iced coffee. This is one of the moments where you think, pictures can be so deceiving. Its sooooo different compared to the pictures on their menu.

Rachel ordered their Signature Hot Chocolate. I didn't get to taste this drink because we were so into chatting and catching up with each other's life, sharing out stresses haha. But according to Rachel, it was just taste like... Milo.. Haha!

As usual, a picture together with the food.

Overall, I would recommend you guys to try their buns! It's honestly delicious! (especially if you love coffee!) However, Rachel and I though that the drinks as well as ice cream was not worth the money since it was just plain regular. Other than that, its a great place to hang out and catch up with your friends. It is also really easy to locate.

Address: Market Square, Cnr McCullough St and Mains Rd, Sunnybank, 4109
Website: Pappa Roti