Friday, May 9, 2014

Pawpaw Cafe

I'm so sorry for such a long absence! Been really busy with exams and assignments and finally I get to rest today. Looking back at these pictures, I really miss going out for breakfast with these lovely people (even though I see them all the time). Hopefully we are able to do this again soon, when everyone is free! 

That week, more people joined us since they were free too!

What should I eat? Stress.

Choosing what to eat is always the stressful part. Everything just sounds so delish!

Really love the environment at Paw Paw Cafe. Its clean, simple and not too busy. They also had a big window that was open for people to sit next too.

My Coffee Latte and Sam's Chai Latte (as usual)

Cold Latte

Vanilla Milk Shake

I believe that they were searching for something for the girls to see. We are not that anti-social =P

Sam Sam!

"Enjoying" our companny... Haha!

Toast served with Jam

Ngaw, I love this photo of both of them! 

Braised Mushroom Brushchetta

How desperate Josh is to take a photo with me. Okay la. I take one with you. *kidding kidding*

We also ordered fries since some of us were still a little bit hungry.

Overall, really loved the environment and they also provided good customer service. The food weren't too bad and their sourdough was so so delish!