Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bubbles and Clouds

Clare and I decided that we should catch up with one another since its been ages. Coincidentally, my friend invited me over to write about his newly opened coffee shop, so, I suggested that we should pay a visit. Just to give you guys a short and simple background about this coffee shop, it is a family business that is owned by a friend of mine with his siblings. It is located at 3 Zamia Street (Sunnybank) and they opened till late, however, their last order is at 10.30 pm. (They also do shisha at night. I don't smoke!)

Image taken from their Facebook.
For more information, you can head over to their Facebook page here: Bubbles and Clouds

Before I continue, here's a selfie that I took while waiting for Clare to pick me up. LOL.

OK! Carry on...

Image taken from their Facebook page.
The coffee that they use is from Manna Beans.

The drinks that they sell include coffee, tea as well as smooties! As you can see, the prices are relatively cheap!

Besides drinks, they also sell other Italian treats.

This includes:
Choc pistacchio, Cannolo, Lemon/Caramel Tart, Mixted Treats and others. 

We coincidentally bump into Anis as well! Haven't seen you in ages!
Sorry for the blurry pictures, it was taken outdoors at night!

Clare ordered Bondi Club Chai Latte where as I got a normal Iced Coffee. Anis and her sisters mentioned that their Mocha as well as White Chocolate drink was good, perhaps you guys can drop by and have a try! :)

For treats on the other hand, we ordered the pistachio and Lemon Tart. Both of them are delicious but we love the lemon tart more! 

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And of course, a picture with Shaun :)

Overall, its a nice place to hang out since its clean and neat. In addition, they also play musics in their shop throughout the day, so it was quite relaxing. They not only provide quick and friendly services, but their products are also relatively cheap! In the near future, they are thinking of getting live bands and even belly dancing at the place, so look forward to that! Haha! :) Last but not least, go like their Facebook page to keep up to date!

Anyways, thank you for having us! We shall visit you guys again soon! :)