Friday, March 23, 2012

FunnyFunny Korean Bar & Restaurant

This restaurant's address is 85 George Street, Brisbane, 4000 if any of you guys are interested!

Since our class ends early every Friday, and I wasn't in a rush, Clare, Gerald, Ivan, Minsik and I decided to have lunch a Korean restaurant in the city. 
Love this painting on the wall of their restaurant!



Clare love! She slept over my house the night before and we had heaps of fun D&Ming.


Minsik and Ivan!



Clare and I shared a dish because we weren't that hungry. Oh Sum Bulgolgi Dup Bab (Spicy pork & squid stir-fry with rice).

We ordered one other dish to share between each other.
Fried sweet and sour pork.

Ivan, why you look so pissed?

They were teasing me >:{

Can you believe that we actually finished everything?!
Gerald was like, "I'm still hungry". Oh my gosh. Can someone please explain me why he is still so skinny -.-

Ending this post with a picture of me and Clare as well as the pretty painting! :)