Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Impromptu Beach Trip

Initially, Rachel and I decided to head to the Gold Coast beach, Harbour Town as well as a couple of restaurants. However, we canceled our plans because we thought that it was going to rain on the day. That night, a couple of my youth friends created a sudden outing to the beach. I thought, why not, transportation was provided too, so I invited Rachel to join us. The more the merrier right?

Taken early in the morning. We were both laughing at our camwhoring skills now. We have not taken any selfies for such a long time using our cameras. It's so convenient to use phone front camera to take selfies.  
Thank you to the Lian family for sending us to and from the beach! :)

After about an hour, we finally reached our destination, MERMAID BEACH ! The first thing the girls did was... 
Of course, take pictures to update Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. Haha.

The nice thing is that, there weren't many people at the beach. It was also nice and windy!

The Wongs. Love you guys :)
The sky looks so blue!

Leelian and May

Oh, look at May posing for the picture. Jokes! Don't bash me please. I actually took it without her knowing.

Supposed to be Leelian, Angie, Rachel, May. #fail

Sooo windyy!!

We girls decided to go separately and walk around to find for food.

We ended up at the fish and chips restaurant. 

May looking super happy when the food arrived. We were all so hungry.

But of course, no matter how hungry we were, we must take photos of the food, right girls?
 The total was only $16! Can you believe it?! We were so full!

 Crumbed calamari and chips

Grilled fish with butter and garlic and chips

After that, we decided to eat ice cream at Baskin Robins.

We bought Banana Spilt and Thick Shake.
I just thought they were alright.

After that, we walked to the nearby park to meet the rest of the group.
We played Mao Mao which is a pretty fun game to play. Looks like we got a replacement for Mafia. Haha.

The imrpomptu trip actually turned out to be quite fun! Even though we were all tired, we really enjoyed ourselves! How are your holidays so far? Hope you guys are having as much rest and fun as I am! :)

Till the next post, take care!