Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Etude House CC Cream (Silky)

This is not a sponsored post.
Sorry if the images are a little dark. Took these photos at night.

I am finally back with blogging! Today's post will be about Etude House's CC Cream

Product Information:
Product Brand: Etude House
Product Name: Correct & Care CC Cream
Type: #01 Silky
Made In: Korea
Size: 35 g

It claims to have 8 functions:
1. Anti-aging
2. Stress Relief
3. Hydrating
4. Whitening
5. Sun Protection
6. Tone-up
7. Smooth Texture
8. Luminosity

It is a tube that comes with a pump which not only makes application easier, but it is also more hygienic. I really love the simple but "princessy" packaging.

Even though the cream is white, it does change to your skin tone, making it even!

Bare face

After application, you can see that my skin tone have evened and it looks less red. It also made my face look whiter and glossy. It does not give full coverage but it is definitely much lighter compared to a foundation or BB Cream.

CC Cream - Makes skin tone less even and glossy
BB Cream - Coverage

After applying CC Cream

What do I Think?
  • As mentioned before, I love the packaging since it is simple and it also comes with a pump!
  • You do not need a lot of this product to achieve the healthy and glossy look.
  • It does not have a thick texture which means that you can have this on for a long period of time without feeling stuffy. 
  • It is good to apply as a base before applying BB Cream or foundation.
  • It has SPF which means that it protects my skin from UV damages.
  • It is sold at a very affordable price.
  • It is long lasting. 

  • Even though it is long lasting, it does make your skin a little oily at the end of the day.
  • Does not have much coverage.
  • It does enhance your dry skin as it would apply a little flaky.
  • It does have a strong fragrance but I do not mind it.
  • I'm not too sure if it has stress relief properties (it claims to haven 8 functions). .__.

Overall, I love this product and I am using this whenever I have the time to put make up on. I would usually just apply this CC Cream and some concealer for coverage and I'm ready. I really love that it evens my skin tone and also gives me the glossy effect. I also pat on some face powder to prevent my skin from becoming oily.

Thank you for reading!

Friday, November 15, 2013

I'm Back!

Hey guys! I'm so sorry for not blogging for months! I've been just so busy with uni and I had my last exam of the year just this morning. Finally its a long break time which means that... I'll be able to posts heaps! I'm already currently planning the upcoming posts that I've really wanted to post since ages ago. Now that I have the time, I am finally able to write about them! So do stay tuned! 

Anyways, this is just a short post to thank my loyal readers (and friends) for constantly reading my blog. Even though I've not blogged for months, I've been earning some money through Nuffnang. Thank you so much guys!

Come back again later for more posts! While waiting, feel free to read any of my most popular posts (Weekly)
Love ya!