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POST AMYC (Lifegame 2.0) - Melbourne

Continuation from the previous post, AMYC (Lifegame 2.0) - Melbourne
Sorry if this post seems to be a little rushed. 

After arriving to our hotel, we had a short rest and got ready for dinner.
A quick selfie before heading down to the lobby.

We were always the first to reach the lobby! So much for girls taking longer time to get ready! :P

It was so cold! I wonder how Jenn survived in a skirt!

Image by Jenn Lau
Look who we found! Andrew during his modelling days! Haha!

We decided to have dinner at Gigi Sushi Bar

This tasted so weird! I didn't quite like it :/

What happens during every meal before we eat.

Takoyaki, Teriyake Chicken Set, Okonomiyaki Japanese Pancake, Unagi with rice

Image by Jenn Lau
Sigh, these two... again.. LOL

After dinner, some EMP people came over to our hotel to play some games.
Playing Articulate outside during the cold weather till late. I seriously suck at this game so I was just watching haha.

Next morning!
We were the first again! Which means we've got time for another selfie. Haha!

Everyone coming down one after another.

Jenny! :D

We had our late breakfast at Rice Paper, a Vietnamese restaurant. 

Image by Jenn Lau

Jenn Jenn


Haha, they were trying to imitate this picture of me and Rachel. Haha! Okay la, not bad not bad.

Chicken Pho

It cost us $HOW MUCH? for this photo. Haha.

Then, we headed to DFO for some shopping.
I didn't really buy anything except for a couple of shirts and a nail polish.

Image by Andrew Tan
The guys bought the same shoes together! Haha! So cute!

Josh and his new handbag. Haha. Nice style bro.

For lunch, we ate at a Korean restaurant. I don't really remember the English name but if I'm not mistaken, the Chinese name is called Da Qiang Jin? 

Ngaw, this cute girl...

Image by Sophia Lim

This was probably the best lunch since both Valerie and Kathleen made all the orders. We don't have to worry about what we want to eat. Haha.

Image by Jenn Lau

Hmm, Korean BBQ

Without a doubt, every year, there would be someone bending down, talking about our height. haha.

Haha, the girls did a makeover for Andrew.

Dessert Story for desserts!
Their menu is very very similar to Meetfresh in Brisbane.

Green Tea Snow Ice with Red Bean and Chocolate
This does not taste as good as it look. I couldn't taste the green tea :( 

Us three decided to eat our dessert quickly to head out and try other things. We thought that we didn't really try as many things as we wanted.

Jenny suggested that we have another round of dessert at Pattern's Cafe since she mentioned that the Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle  is a very popular HK delicacy.

This is what it looks like!

While waiting... :P

When it arrived, all of us were so speechless... It looked so different compared to the picture! and also, it was hollow when it should be filled. We were so disappointed :(

Someone is obviously enjoying Melbourne!

This is what you get for stealing my camera and taking selfies with it :3 I'm kind enough not to post all of the pictures!


We walked around to see where could we eat the next day because we took too long to decided where to eat.

Some of them returned to our hotel again to play signs. Haha, just can't believe how such a simple game could be so fun. I guess we have officially replaced mafia with new game!

Image by Jenn Lau

Image by Jenn Lau

Image by Jenn Lau
I have no idea what was I doing but at least I had a nice candid. I really rarely have nice candids haha! :P

After the game, we decided to go for supper.


The next morning, the girls and I decided that we should go shopping with the guys since the rest had no plans and were still sleeping. We did not want to waste our mornings so why not.

The famous Taiwanese restaurant selling fried chicken.

Everyone grabbing breakfast before heading to Spencer Outlet.

These three went to Cotton On again and bought the same scarf! Haha! It was only $1!!

Image by Jenn Lau

Image by Jenn Lau
Then, we met up with the rest and went to Hosier Land, one of the most popular graffiti streets in Melbourne.  

Katerina! It was really nice meeting you! 

Image by Jenn Lau

Image by Jenn Lau
Pretty cool picture!

*Taken using my phone

Haha Jenny!

Took the train to go to Trinity Church.

I can't believe they allow dogs in the bus! Ngaw, it's so cute!

By the time we went home, it was already late so we just went to sleep straight after we arrived at the hotel. 

Image by Crosby Chang
Had all you can eat Dimsum for breakfast. Hmm it was so good!

After that, Christabel brought us all to Brighton Beach which is very famous for its colourful houses. 

Willus: Dat Confidence.

Haha, Dao forever making silly faces.

Christabel! :3

Sherbet Ice Cream & Chocolate and Nut Ice Cream

Sophia the gangsta! Haha! I didn't take this photo! So don't blame me!

Sophia, stop annoying me... :P

Image by Jenn Lau

Image by Jenn Lau

Image by Crosby Chang 


Albert invited us all over for BBQ at his house. Thank you Albert for the hospitality! :D   
Image by Katerina Wong
"Da jie, why you take photos so noob..." Shush Sophia, shush... Haha

Jenny, Sophia, Katerina and I decided to leave to city earlier so that we could try out different places  
Even though it was late at night, the city was still filled with people!

First Stop: Harujuku Crepes!

We ordered Mango Crepe and Banana and Nutella Crepe.
Both of them were so good :3

Nom nom nom

Second Stop: Cacao Green

We tried their Chai Latte Frozen Yoghurt.
I didn't really like it... Both the flavour and the texture. It didn't feel like its a frozen yoghurt at all! Plus, the amount that they gave us was so little! It was the same amount in a medium and in a small cup.

Green Tea Frozen Yoghurt
This tasted not bad but again, the texture didn't feel like its a frozen yoghurt.

Third Stop: International Cakes

Image by Sophia Lim

Fourth Stop: Gong Cha!

Signature Milk Foam Green Tea. It tasted alright. Not as good as I expected.
Also I did not like their customer service. The employees were really rude :(

They keep bullying me! They have heaps of ugly pictures of me :(

We stayed up really late that night and had to wake up early since we have to check out from our hotel.

This is what you get for not getting enough sleep :D haha  

Went for an early breakfast at Stovetop  

Piccolo Coffee

Everyone looking so tired. 

Toast with House Jam

One piece was already enough for me!

Jenny had Toast with Chestnut Spread

I really had fun during this entire trip. I can't wait for next year's AMYC which would be at Sydney! Pretty excited!

If you're interested, you can visit their Facebook page or their website!

300 youths. 19 churches. One God.
30 November 2014 - 3 December 2014

Can't wait to see you all there!