Sunday, July 29, 2012

7-8 Cafe Restaurant

7-8 Cafe Restaurant is a small shop that is located at Sunnybank. I went there with my family after Sunday service for lunch. We had a hard time finding for the store because the location was not so obvious.

 The outside of the restaurant. Hopefully, this will help you to find for the restaurant :))

 The environment of the restaurant was very colourful and the walls is filled with very appealing pictures of the dishes that the serve.

Sam came along with us!

My parent's dish! I don't really remember what it was but it was really really good. The fish was really tasty and soft!

Samantha's dish. Teriyaki Fish with Udon. This dish was average and I thought that the fish was a bit tough to eat.

Amos's dish: Fried fish filled (Grilled). This is the best dish out of the five! The fish was so crispy yet the inside was soft. I love it!

After everyone had finished their food, my dish was not served yet. It took them quiet a long time.

However, the dish was pretty good! Mine was Teriyaki Chicken with Rice.

Overall, the food that the served was good and had an average customer service. The price for the dishes were also average. Next time, I would want to try the beverages and cakes that they serve since they look really good (judging by the pictures on their walls).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Schwarzkopf Live Colour Red Embers

Yes, I still remember that I have to do the Ombre lips tutorial! I will update it when I'm free :/

Initially, I wanted to do a red/purple ombré, but after bleaching, I didn't bother to dye my hair red/purple. But the other day, I bought Schwarzkopf Live Colour Red Embers to try. In addition to that, the products are very cheap: around $5 per packet.

Basically, this is a semi-permanent hair dye (For this product, it claims that it will last until 8 washes) But it varies for different hairtyles and also, if you bleached your hair before, it will stay longer. I read somewhere in the label box/reviews that there is a small chance that it will stain on bleached hair. Hopefully it won't on my hair =| 

 This product provides the instructions, the hair dye and a pair of gloves.

The instructions are pretty straight forward.

Here are some pictures of my hair before I dyed it.

After 30 minutes, are you ready for the results? :))))


The moment of truth!

I'm pretty happy with the result!

(In real life, it looks more vibrant)

After using the product, my hair does not only look healthier, but it also feels softer!
I hope that the colour does not fade that quickly! Haha. Really love this colour!

I would definitely buy this product again to try other colours like purple or blonde!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort

I went to Tangalooma with my friends and family last week for two days and one night. This resort is in Moreton Island and you can check out their website at: Tagalooma Wild Dolphin Resort.

We woke up early in the morning in order to take the earliest boat to the island. It was very very cold in the morning and I was wearing a singlet and a thin varsity jacket. I even thought of wearing a skirt but thank God I didn't.

Took the boat to the resort and on the way, we played card games as well as took pictures outside of the boat.

It was freezing when we were outside of the boat taking pictures.

The group!

I like this picture!

Hannah and Esther. She came from Malaysia to visit them!

Titanic parody. Haha.

Werner and Amos

A picture with my mother and brother :) Our hair are very messy! Haha.

After an hour on the boat, we finally arrived at the island. Unfortunately, it was raining! We were worried since we would not be able to participate in the outdoor activities. In the meantime, we ate our late breakfast and grab something hot to drink since the weather was really really cold.

Having some serious conversation. Haha.

This is a very cute picture!

We also saw a very huge pelican!!! We had doubts whether is it real or fake! (It was real).

Playing with bubbles!

It just won't stop rainning :(

After the rain ended, we went out to the beach to play.

We played 老鹰抓小鸡 (Eagle catches small chicken). It was a games that we play during primary school. If you're from Malaysia, you're probably familiar with this games.

Haha, Vincent's the eagle while Aaron is the hen.

At night, we went to the jetty for dolphin feeding. It was included in the package if you are staying a night in the resort.

Dolphin watching!

They are so cute!

Everyone's waiting to feed the dolphins!


Getting ready to feed them! So excited even though the water was very very cold!

Me, Ivy and Rae

Esther, Jessy and Hannah

Amos and Werner

Vincent and Aaron

Standing in front of the heater since it was freezing!

The mothers made steamboat for dinner!

Mum made chicken curry!

Samsung Galaxy SII is the best >:}

 We went out to play pool after dinner. When we saw this sign, we were laughing cause it applies to us. Oh well.

At midnight, we went to the playground to play with fireworks.

It suppose to look like mickey mouse. But it's a pretty good drawing don't you think?

The only one that succeed.

The next morning, the weather got much better. We decided to take opportunity of this weather and we went for Quad Biking.

The quad bikes!

While listening to instructions

 Me and Ivy!

I think that the trip would have been better if it didn't rain. It kept raining and we were unable to do a lot of the activities. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my time at Tangalooma with my friends and family. Hopefully, we would be able to do this again in the future!