Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Penang & KL Trip 2014

 I am finally blogging about my Penang and KL trip with a couple of my friends at the beginning of this year. I am really really sorry for the lack of update guys :(
Day 1
Everyone was so tired because we had to wake up early to catch our first flight to Kuala Lumpur. Despite that, all of us were very excited to travel together! 

Waiting for the bus in front of Penang airport. I must say, I was pretty satisfied with the bus service in Penang. It is so much better than what we all expected since the bus service in my hometown is really poor.

On the way to our hotel. Pretty excited! :)

After checking in Georgetown City Hotel, we went around to find for food cause we were hungry! 
Rojak with fruits

BBQ Pork with Rice

After lunch, we headed to Gurney Paragon Shopping for shopping.
Trying on clothes.

Image credit: Heng Zai

Ngawww :) 

Check out the view from Chocolate Passion!

Passion Molten Cake

Brownie Chocolate Pizza - Half

Smokie Hot Chocolate

This was the design on their napkin. Haha.

After that we continue shopping in another mall called Gurney Plaza. We didn't really bough anything except for a polo t-shirt from Body Glove. 


With Hannah

The durian puffs that we never got to taste because we totally forgotten about it. We left it in the fridge till the day we checked out. Haha!

That night we decided to have dinner somewhere close to our hotel since we were all tired and it was getting late. So, we decided to have dinner at one of the most well-known places in Penang, Gurney Drive. Gurney Drive is very famous for having a wide variety of food choices as there are a lot of hawker stores in the area.
We were really fortunate to be able to get a table for ourselves without waiting for a long time.

The dishes that we ordered that night.

Day 2
Woke up in the morning and got ready to cycle around Georgetown to see some famous street arts and eat some delicious delicacies.  

I forgot what they were called! Sorry :(

Renting bicycles!
Oh, and also, thank you Tommy for bringing us around Georgetown for the entire day! :D 

All three of us are wearing the same polo t-shirt that we bought the previous day! :B 

First stop!

If you look at this picture closely, you can see that there is actually a painting on the walls of the house. Unfortunately, the it started to fade.

Esther: "What on earth are you guys doing?"

Time for more street paintings! For your information, most of these street arts are painted by a Lithuanian-born artist, Ernest Zacharevic. I've only seen these pictures on Facebook so it was an exciting experience to finally see these paintings real life. 


There are a lot of places that rent bikes for around RM10 (for a normal bicycle) so it's pretty convenient. Most of them would also supply you with maps for you to travel around.

Happy Rae Rae! 

They're bullying me :(

This is one of my favourite picture taken with Rae! Love this photo! It's also my current desktop background!

Everyone taking a rest while taking photos.

This is one of the many welded irons that I took a photo off. I didn't get to take many pictures of these. 

Picture taken when Rae was cycling. 

Stopping for some street food and drinks! 

Egg tarts!

Yup, we cycled really safely... We even created a couple of  small accidents... Haha!

We then decided to head over to the Penang Road Famous TeoChew Chendul to cool ourselves down after long hours of cycling.

Don't you love my fabulous hair C: 

I don't understand the rave about this Chendul. Honestly speaking, I just thought that it tasted normal, just like any other Chendul. Well, that's just my opinion.

After Chendul we went to try a very famous Kueh Teow on Siam Road. We arrived slightly early as the hawker stall only opens at 3pm. But thank God that we were not only able to rest but also have tables to eat our food later on! When its close to 3pm, the cafe was already jam packed!

Cycling around Georgetown drained all of our energy. 

Esther's Durian White Coffee which tasted not bad.

Photo credit to my brother, Amos. I just love this photo so much so I decided to share this photo with you guys :) (No, Amos did not travel with us. He went a week earlier than us)

Image credit: Amos Wong
Look at the number of people waiting for the Kueh Teow!

Looks normal but the taste is just amazing! Definitely worth the wait.

Initially, we wanted to have a look at the beach. While we were on our way, it started pouring! :( So we had to stop somewhere to wait for the rain to stop. So, we decided to have a rest in the hotel nearby.
Pictures that were taken in the hotel can never ever ever be posted online. Haha! Right Rachel ;) ?

Haha, Tommy!

Next stop!
Line Clear! Yes.. food again! Hmmm...

Nasi Kandar
This was delicious! I would really recommend you to try Nasi Kandar if you do get the chance to go to Penang!

They always say that food taste better when you eat using your hand.

Sih Koh Soup with add on White Fungus

Chicken feet

Kueh Chap
Kimberley Street is very famous of their Kueh Chap! This was really delicious!

Esther and her pig head. Haha!

Lok Lok

My legs muscle were so sore that night! In addition, my knees started to hurt (happens occasionally) which makes me not able to even stand properly! I ate painkiller, applied vicks and also stick on patch. That was hillarious. It was the first time I've felt such pain. We were all worried that our muscles would be so sore that we had to cancel our trip to the theme park the next day. The good thing was that we didn't really gain weight because we were burning it off the entire day! Hehe :)

If you are planning to go to Penang to see these street arts, here is a link to a map that would guide your journey!
Hope this helps you guys! :) It shows the location of each arts. The street arts are located near each other and they are all located in Georgetown!

Day 3
But thank God! We were still able to go to the theme park!

Unfortunately, we didn't bring our cameras in. Therefore, I couldn't  show you what it was like inside. If you like challenges, this is a place to go! Since schools started, there were less people there which makes queuing up much quicker.

Everyone that went! :D

I still can't get over how funny think picture looks! Haha :')

Expensive Moochi! Haha! They were yummy, especially the mango ones.

Day 4
Everyone was tired so we slept in for a little bit.

Rachel and Hannah went out to buy some stuff and came brought us some dimsum for breakfast!
Aren't this buns cute!! Thank you Rae Rae and Hannah! :D

After checking out, we went to Queensbay Mall for a while to do some shopping before going to the airport.

Decorations outside the mall since Chinese New Year was just around the corner.

Ikan Panggang + Nasi Kunyit

After doing some shopping in Queensbay Mall, we rushed to the airport by bus. It was so packed but luckily we were able to squeeze through and make it on time.

Of course, Instagram... Haha!

Image credit: Heng Zai

Day 1

Breakfast at Ipoh Town

It was nice shopping in Times Square since there are many clothing stores. The only thing that I dislike about shopping in Times Square (or many other malls in KL) is that you are not allowed to try on clothes. I regretted buying some of the dressed, but the rest aren't too bad.

Shopping in Pavillion on the other hand, is different. This is a mall that sells branded products (more high class), hence, you are able to try on clothes.

Chinese New Year decorations!

Ngaw, aren't we cute :P

Mango Desserts!

That night we went for one of Malaysia's top buffet, Jogoya!
Look at all of the food! Yumm!

Rae Rae is satisfied. Haha!

Besides Rae, its seems like Vincent is delighted too! Haha!


Digging in!

Thank you Edison for giving us a ride around and also accompanying us to Jogoya! 

"Each of every piece of cake please"
Ps, these cake was shared among all of us!  

Before ending this post, I wanna thank my best friend, Rae Rae for planning this trip! 辛苦你了。。I really enjoyed this trip meeting new friends as well as getting to know others better! Thank you so much! :) Hope that we would have more opportunities to travel together! I'm sure we will ;)

That's it from me guys! Hope that you guys enjoyed this post!

Images are from both my camera and Rachel's.