Friday, August 24, 2012

Best Android Photo Editing Apps

From the title of this post, it is pretty obvious what I'm going to write about today: Photo Editing Apps. Before I continue, I just want to say that this is just based on my own opinion. I use majority of them to compliment with my Instagram pictures. I am sure that iPhone users have all of these programs in their Apple store.

Yes, yes, I do know that Instagram is for sharing pictures...

Here are some examples of the pictures from my Instagram. The apps that I used to edit them will be shown after.

1. Lumiè

Like: This application allows us to add different types of Bokeh effects to our pictures. The colours are really pretty and it is one of the few applications that allows us to add this effect/filter.

Dislike: It does not allow us to change the position as well as the opaque level of the Bokeh. It also crops the pictures into 1:1 ratio before editing. I would recommend you cropping your picture beforehand (so that you can adjust the position of the picture).

Price: AUD$0.95 

2. Camera 360

The different types of filters that you can choose! My favourite category: Light Colour.

Filter: Warm

Filter: Jelly

Like: I love love love this application! The filters are just so adorable and it gives a soft, sweet feeling to the picture! Some of my favourite filters are: Sweet, Cool, Jelly and Warm! All of them are under the Light Colour category.

Dislike: The only thing I dislike about this application is that, I cannot upload an existing picture which means that I have to take the picture on the spot and then, I can edit it. Other than that, love it.

Price: Free!

3. Photo Wonder

Original Picture:

I don't really use the "slimming" and "bigger eyes" effect. This is just a demonstration on what the application can do!

Final Picture:

Such a big different right!

Like: It has really nice filters and both the "slimming" and "bigger eyes" effect makes you have slimmer face and bigger eyes more naturally. Unlike other applications, there are not only hard to use, but it is also obvious to see that you have made your face slimmer.

Dislike: I wish that it has more filters/effects!

Price: Free!

3. Mei Tu Xiu Xiu

Original Picture:

Made my face brighter (The Mask Effect)

This app also have the "slimming" and "bigger eyes" effect. However, I think that it is harder to control the effect compared to Photo Wonder.

Effect after making picture brighter.

Adding some Bokeh

Final Picture:

Like: Even though it is a Chinese application, I do not have any hard time using it! It also has some nice filters as well as other features. 

Dislike: I cannot adjust the position of the Bokeh. Majority of the time, it ends up blocking my face.

Price: Free!

4. Instant Collages

You can also adjust the roundness and the size of the image. 

Like: This is just a cheaper version of Diptic. Unlike Pic Stitch (Another application that creates collages), it allows me to change the picture. It is also very convenient especially when you want to upload pictures to Instagram since it cuts it to the ratio of 1:1.

Dislike: When you upload the picture onto Instagram, the picture gets blurry. I am also not able to swap the pictures if I want to.

Price: Free!

So there goes my post on the applications that I think are the best (so far). If you have any recommendation of any applications that you think are good, feel free to give me a comment! I would love to check them out!

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Thank you for reading :)