Monday, October 15, 2012

Biology Field Trip: Stradbroke Island (2012)

This year, I went to Stradbroke Island for a Biology Trip. This is my second time going there for a Biology Field Trip too! The field trip was similar, but not 100% the same. Anyways, here are some of the pictures that I took when I was at the island. Also, if you want to check out my previous post, here's the link:

My hair used to be so short! Planning to cut is really short at the end of the year!
Back to the topic.

Smiling even though we were really tired since we slept late and woke up early :x

Mercury and Lydia :)

It was really really windy that day. Our hair are so messy!

Really like this picture of Laureen!

Before we even arrive at the research station, we started doing our first activity already! It was the Fresh Water Lake Activity.

All of us wore fake crocs since we were told to -.- It was like $5 each in Big W! But I didn't regret buying it because it was very useful since it dries up really quickly!

I didn't take any pictures during our second activity which is the Mangrove Activity as it was really really windy and cold and we didn't do much there.

After the activity, we took a rest and went to Stradbroke Island Site. As usual, it was really peaceful and blue.

Finally, we arrived at our destination, the ice cream shop.
Our Biology teacher!

Strawberry Mange and Coffee!

At night, we had the zoo plankton activity and after that I went straight to bed cause I was so tired! I had like really bad migraines throughout the entire day.

The next day, we went for the Sand Dune Study. It was still very windy and cold! But since we were under the sun, it wasn't that bad. 

After completing our activity :)

Next activity is the Rocky Shore Study.

We found jelly fish tentacles! 

I got everyone in! Yay!

We also saw a dead jelly fish at the shore. According to the teacher, it has lost 2 or 3 of its tentacles!

Group picture before the leave the area.

After that, we went to a restaurant to eat fish and chips before we leave the island.

Not too bad, it was really really filling since the portion was really big! Haha.

When we were on the bus, the teachers told us that we had to complete our booklets before we arrive the school. All of us were doing the booklets like mad. We got seasick on the way home, but we still forced ourselves to complete it. But in the end, we completed the booklet... the teacher... told us that she would give us an extension.

You could imagine how we all would feel. (Oh well, at least we've completed it).