Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Schwarzkopf Live Colour Red Embers

Yes, I still remember that I have to do the Ombre lips tutorial! I will update it when I'm free :/

Initially, I wanted to do a red/purple ombré, but after bleaching, I didn't bother to dye my hair red/purple. But the other day, I bought Schwarzkopf Live Colour Red Embers to try. In addition to that, the products are very cheap: around $5 per packet.

Basically, this is a semi-permanent hair dye (For this product, it claims that it will last until 8 washes) But it varies for different hairtyles and also, if you bleached your hair before, it will stay longer. I read somewhere in the label box/reviews that there is a small chance that it will stain on bleached hair. Hopefully it won't on my hair =| 

 This product provides the instructions, the hair dye and a pair of gloves.

The instructions are pretty straight forward.

Here are some pictures of my hair before I dyed it.

After 30 minutes, are you ready for the results? :))))


The moment of truth!

I'm pretty happy with the result!

(In real life, it looks more vibrant)

After using the product, my hair does not only look healthier, but it also feels softer!
I hope that the colour does not fade that quickly! Haha. Really love this colour!

I would definitely buy this product again to try other colours like purple or blonde!



  1. wow! nice hair color!!! I likey!! followed ur blog, awesome one! =)

  2. Did you only apply it to the tips?