Friday, June 21, 2013

How To: See-Through Bangs/ Fringe

Hello lovelies! I am back with another hair tutorial!

Instead of having fuller fringe, it is now a trend to have what you call, 'see-through' bangs. I first notice this hairstyle while watching Ulzzang Shidae. I noticed many ulzzangs especially Hong Young Gi and Han Ah Reum Song Yi with this hairstyle. It makes them look really cute and feminine. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion and it is great if keep your straight fringe away from your face if it's too long. As usual, here are some of the pictures that I found on Google.

Hong Young Gi

Han Ah Reum Song Yi

Ha Neul

This hairstyle is not only popular among ulzzangs, but it is also a trend in Korean celebrities.

Yoon Eun Hye
Hara (Kara)

SeoHyun (SNSD)

Kang Min Young (Davichi)

Goo Hye Sun

Don't they all look so pretty! Alright, let's head into the tutorial now!
Sorry, I just realised that some of the pictures are slightly darker.

1. When blow drying your hair, blow dry it around the comb.
2. Instead of a round brush, you can also use a plastic curler.
3. For more volume, instead of pulling the brush downwards, pull it directly away from you. If you understand what I mean...

Camwhoring time :3

Like my bunny beanie? :3

That's it from me today! I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial!
Good luck!

Do show me what your end results are! You can do it via twitter or instagram - @angiewongangchi