Friday, July 19, 2013

Sweet Delicious

It's Rachel's birthday and we head over to Sweet Delicious just for a small celebration. We have been thinking of going to this place for ages, however, we did not have the time. So, finally, the day has come! This shop is located in Sunnybank Hills and it is very near the bus stop so you would be able to find it very easily. For more information, you can visit their Facebook Page: Sweet Delicious.

I really love the drawings and the decorations in this restaurant. If I'm not mistaken, it is a mermaid focused theme. There were also two projectors outside the restaurant that show a picture of a red haired mermaid (Scroll down for the picture!).

There were also drawings at the other side of the wall!

Initially, we were going to order Sweet Delicious Signature Dessert. Fortunately, the staff explained what the dessert was and we figured that it was not what we wanted. If I'm not mistaken it is something like 'nian gao', something that you would eat during Chinese New Year in Malaysia. We were really grateful that because not many staffs would explain and the customers would end up not enjoying their dish.

In addition to that, we've asked if we could write "Happy Birthday Rachel" on one of the dishes, and he accepted our request. Thank you so much!

A selfie while waiting for the desserts to come.

The first dish that we ordered is Chocolate Panda.

This dessert can be broken down into a few different components. 
The cake itself, white chocolate as well as strawberry decoration, chocolate macaroon and of course, a piece of chocolate with a Happy Birthday writing.

I love this chocolate mousse cake but both of us agree that the chocolate topping slightly too sweet for our liking. I rarely eat chocolate cake or chocolate mousse because they are just too rich for me. However, there were a some vanilla sponge in the cake which makes it less sweet. I'm not really a huge fan of macaroons, so I'm not too sure what you call "excellent" macaroons.

The next dish that we ordered is Mango Coconut.

The top layer was mango mouse while the bottom layer is covered with coconut. There were also passion fruit and strawberry (?) syrup decoration around the cake.

We both really love this dish! We were really excited to try out this dish when we were taking photos! It smelt sooo good! It has all the flavors that I absolutely love! Mango and Passion fruit FTW! We thought that the combination were quite interesting and they go well together. The best part was that, it was neither too sweet nor too bland was just nice. Hmm. It was so good! I would definitely recommend this dessert!

The staff was so nice that he gave Rachel a free drink as a service for her birthday! Thank you so much!

I would definitely recommend this place to my friends and family! They provide really excellent customer service and I really love the drawings and decoration around the wall! It would be a great place to hang out with your friends. Furthermore, the prices were quite reasonable and the desserts does not only look good, but also taste delicious. Both Rae and I agreed that we would come back (probably the only store we've ever said that for... so far...)

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my beloved best friend! You're getting older :P Don't worry, it will be my turn soon :( I hope that you enjoyed this year's birthday celebration and celebrate more birthdays together in the future. Thank you for being such a awesome best friend. Love ya!