Monday, July 15, 2013

Shabuhouse Brisbane

A couple days ago, my coworkers and I decided to hold a surprise birthday dinner for another coworker of mine at Shabuhouse. I've never actually tried this restaurant but I used to always go to Hanwoori which is a Korean restaurant opposite Shabuhouse. So, I was really excited to try this Japanese restaurant!

I was really surprised about the price! For me, I rarely go to buffets because I don't really eat that much. In addition, I'm a really picky eater which means that it is not worth it for me.

We were all really nervous! When she walked into the restaurant, we sang Happy Birthday and she was really surprised!
Ngaw, her eyes were teary! Hehe, SURPRISE!

My sushi plate! They were quite delicious!  I was already full when I finished these sushi!

Carmen's sushi plate! Apparently, the salmon did not taste :/ Did not try it because as mentioned before, I'm a very picky eater... Haha, I only eat cooked salmon. :(
Tempura sushi, friend chicken and also Teriyake beef.

Some ingredients for shabu shabu! I really loved this! The soup was delicious! However, I did not like the fish balls at all. They tasted weird.

Queenie and Wei Wei

Hehe, love working with these two on Saturdays!

A minion cake that Jimmy made! They look so good!

A group photo with everyone in it :)!

Overall, I thought that the food was pretty good. The only thing that I would point out is that, it is not worth it if you don't eat a lot! The restaurant environment was really clean while the customer service that was provided was average. I would say that I would not be coming back to this restaurant unless there are any events with friends or family.

Once again, Happy Birthday Wei Wei! I hope you enjoyed the surprise dinner as well as the presents! God Bless! :)