Monday, July 15, 2013

Passion Tree

Before we head to Passion Tree for desserts, the girls decided to take some sticky photos at ZOOM. Wow, its been ages since I've took these sticky photos. I feel kinda too old of this. Haha.
We regretted choosing the new machine since it was really bad. It did not give us enough time to either take choose the background photo or to pose. Our position remained the same in every photo! Haha. None of the photos turned out nice! :(

Please don't judge us :(

Alrighty! Dessert photo time! We really wanted to try out Passion Tree since everyone have been posting photos of their dessert on Instagram and Facebook! They look so good!
Green Tea and Pomegranate Frozen Yoghurt 

My friends that work there mentioned that Honey Bread was the most popular dish in the restaurant. Sadly, we are not really fans of cream so we decided to ordered something else instead. 
Crying-Nut Waffle

I must say, this was really delicious! The waffle was hot and crispy and the nuts were crunchy! It was actually better than what I expected.

I really loved the environment and the decorations around the restaurant. However, I don't get what did they have two separate counters for different orders, meaning that you have to queue at separate counters for frozen yoghurt and waffles. I just think that it would be more convenient for us to queue at the same counter for all orders. Other than that, I would love to return to this dessert restaurant to try out other desserts!