Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anita's Farewell Party - Harlem Shake

Last Friday, a couple of us went over to Anita's to celebrate her farewell party. Ngaw, I'm gonna miss her so much when she's in Sydney! Nevertheless, I'm sure that she'll do well in her course :)

Took some selcas before heading over to her house since I had time. It has been ages since I've last use my camera :O

Wearing Blincon Sweetie Blue Circle Lens.

Outfit of the day/night

Top: SES (I never bought anything from that shop even though its cheap cause I can never find anything that suits my liking. But the other day, I found this cute top! It was so cheap!)
Skirt: Supre

Anita :) Coincidentally wearing similar outfits :D

Playing wii while waiting for the pizzas.


Nom nom nom >:}

While we were eating, we were watching some random videos and ended up taking about Harlem Shake. Since it was Anita was leaving the next day, we wanted to do something special so we did our own version of Harlem Shake. I seriously thought that they were joking. We seriously did it. Video's at the end of this post! Make sure you check that out! 

Preparation of our "costumes".

Anita, Josh, Jacob & Me :)

Matching :D

A group photo (except for Nathan who was taking the picture) after filming the video!

Here's the video!

Had a pretty good night filled with laughters. We are all going to miss you Anita! Hope that you will do well in your course as well as enjoy it. I'm sure that we would keep in contact often! Will always keep you in my prayers :) Love ya!