Saturday, February 23, 2013

Short Hair

Sup peeps!


Yes. I have finally cut it after forever. I have been dragging this day for such a long time! I have told many of my friends that I would cut my hair when I go back Malaysia at the end of last year. However, most of you know that I did not return back to Malaysia end of last year due to personal reasons. Ever since, I have been dragging this moment. But when my best friend and I were chatting about it while having some desserts yesterday (post up soon!), I had a really really really strong urge to cut it. I did not want to wait since I knew that I would delay it again. Unfortunately, all of the salons were closing. So I was unable to cut my hair. In the end, I asked Rachel to cut my hair. It turned out pretty nice :) Thank you Rae Rae :3

Last picture taken before cutting it off!

Goodbye Ombre :(

Final look :D
 I'm actually pretty happy of how it turned out! Surprisingly, I don't feel regret that I cut off my hair maybe that feeling will come sooner or later :/. But yeah, my hair dries so much faster now and my head feels so much lighter! Plus, it's split-end free!!!

Once again, thank you Rae Rae! :) Really love my hair now!


  1. I think you look better with the short hair! :3
    I know that regret feeling will come... But hair will always grow, so don't worry! ;D

  2. Haha, thank you Konayachi-nyan :)