Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jenn's 17th Birthday

Oh my gosh! I'm so so sorry for the lack of the updates! I've been so busy working and I'm always tired whenever I arrive home... Therefore, I was always lazy to blog! :/ This post is actually almost a month late! Just want to update my blog with some pictures. Another reason to why I've not been blogging much is because I've not been going out much... BUT I'll try my best! :)

We celebrated Jenn's birthday a couple of days earlier since she will be leaving for holidays and wont be here for her birthday. She decided to have brunch together at the Coffee Club. Here are some of the pictures taken.

 A picture with the birthday girl :)

I got french toast with ice cream. Yum :}


Everyone that came except for Jess, who was taking the picture...

Once again, so sorry for the lack of updates! I will try my best to update regularly! Till then, buh-bye!