Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Lip Tint

This is not a sponsored post.

I have finally purchased a lip tint the other day! Whenever I have the time to use make up, I would always do the ombre/gradient lip effect. Click here to see my tutorial on ombre lips using lipstick.

Product Information:
Product Brand: Tony Moly
Product Name: Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint
Colour: Red (02)
Made In: Korea
Size: 12 mL


It has a very cute cat-like cap where you twist to open the tint.

It also comes with a lip gloss applicator.

A random picture before applying the lip tint.

There are two ways you can use lip tint. You can either do the gradient lip effect, or just apply if on your entire lip.

Look #1

I used this tint as a blush too!

Look #2

What do I think?
  • The packaging is so cute and small which means that you can bring them around in your handbag/clutch.
  • Since it is a lip tint, it would definitely last longer compared to a lip stick. I used it to uni for the entire day and even though the colour did fade, the colour is still obvious.
  • You can use the lip tint as your "blush" too. Therefore, you would no longer have to worry that your lips and cheeks are in different colours. I'm not really sure about your opinion but sometimes, it is a bit weird to have two different colours (Eg. Red cheeks and orange lips).
  • A lot of people are worried that it would be hard to remove at the end of the day. I applied my normal make up removal routine and it worked well for me.
  • It is cheaper compared to other products such as the Benefit's Lip Tint.

  • Really hard to blend since it dries up really quickly.
  • When you don't blend it quick enough, there is an obvious spot on both your cheeks and lips.
  • After applying it, it does not feel sticky, however, it does feel very dry. So, I would recommend you using either a lip balm or lip gloss to finish.

Overall, I love the lip tint and would definitely continue using this product. I do not regret purchasing it since it is not only easier for me to create the ombre look, but it is also relatively cheaper than other products that I've found. You can find this product in any Asian Make Up stores. I purchased mine from MyCube.

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