Monday, April 1, 2013

BBQ & Catch Up at Penny's

The other day Penny organised a BBQ and a catch up session at her place. It's been so long since I've seen you guys!! Well, to think about it, it's only Tina, Andy and Vincent. I've seen the rest in school since some of them have the same classes as me. Haha. Had quite a fun time catching up with you guys!

The guys

While the guys were busy barbecuing, the girls were inside cooking (LOL). Rachel and I decided to make mash potato since the rest of the grocery shops were closed that day. 

Yes, we were cooking. Just taking a selfie while waiting for the water to boil :P

Wilbur & Andy

Tina, Liang and Tony

Mmm, foood.

Everyone that was there.

There were so much leftovers of meat! We decided to leave it for Penny's parents since they were going to have BBQ after us. Thank God, or else it would have been just a wastage of food!

Mash potato!


Rachel & Tina.
Ngaw, two pretty girls :)

They were telling all three of them to act cool and this was the result. Oh gosh. At least Wilbur got the right concept.... sorta... haha! Just kidding!

They kept bullying each other the entire day!

Cropped out this picture due to some problems. Patrick was being rude. But hey, it looked like nothing happened right? Haha!

BFF :)

The girls! I miss you guys!

They are at it again -.-

Caught off guard, therefore, no rude poses :C

This was actually a candid. Haha, took it right after he was taking a picture of someone else.

After several attempts, finally a decent picture. Top picture is just... lol.. TONY STOP PHOTOBOMBING US! We were actually just poking fun of the size of Vincent's eyes. No offence! We were just joking haha.

Vincent mucking around with Penny's hair with.. plants... Yes, this is how childish everyone is. Haha.

Finally cleaning up. Look at the amount of leftovers!

After that, they watched a horror movie. Te-yuan, Rachel and I did not want to watch it so we watched some Korean mvs. It was so funny cause Te-Yuan kept asking for hot guys. Haha. Rachel and I decided to leave early and go to Freestyle Tout! You can check out my blog post on the restaurant here!

It was really nice catching up with you guys! Hopefully you guys are doing well in uni! I'll see you guys soon! :)