Saturday, October 11, 2014

Food Hunting: Brisbane 30.09.14

Hello Everyone! How have you all been? It's nearly the end of the year which means... exams are around the corner too! I am sure that everyone is well prepared for the exams *cough cough*. Anyways, this blog post is gonna be something special! During the last mid semester break, Rachel and I went around Brisbane, trying out different places to eat and visit. What's more interesting is... we filmed it!

If you want to know more about the places that we went to and what we thought about it, continue reading this post after the video!

1. Little Brew

Sticky ginger "banofee" bread with cream banana and caramel
We wanted to try something different and surprisingly, the ginger was not too overpowering. It was actually really delicious. They made the cream as well as the caramel themselves. I'm not really a big fan of cream, but I must say, the cream is so light! As you can see the presentation is very pretty!

Overall, I really loved the environment at Little Brew. It's clean, quite, pretty and the decorations are very nicely organised. They also have very friendly workers. The prices were also quite reasonable.

2. Showroom

This store is just located next to Little Brew. It's a really nice place to go to purchase things to decorate for your room/house. They also have really nice kitchenware. The owners are really friendly and we had a short chat with them even when they were really busy arranging their new products. Definitely a really nice place to visit!
3. Paddington Deli & Epirerie
They have quite a nice environment. We bought Baileys Fudge as well as Dark Chocolate Rocky Road. We thought that they were too sweet for our liking.

4. Paddington Antique Centre

5. Tall & Short Espresso

We both thought that it would be quite good for beginners/people who don't regularly drink coffee. In our opinion, the barista did not add enough ice cream and also, as you can see, the presentation is so disappointing.

6. French Twist

The cake has a unique taste but I didn't really like this cake and it was very very sweet.

Mango & Pineapple Smoothie
This is refreshing, however, its very very very sweet.

The environment was very pretty and the furniture were arranged so nicely. Some of the staff members were friendly and kind but others were too busy with their work and ignored the counter. I had to wait a long time while ordering.

My driver for the day 

7. Dandelion & Driftwood
This is a must go!

Hot Chocolate
This hot chocolate tasted very unique and different.

You are my sunshine bacon & egg bagel
This is so yummy! It looks very normal, but it's really delicious! This is a must try, I really recommend this! 

This cafe had a really nice environment with relaxing music. Really love the way they decorated their interior design, the flower deco gave it a very light and fresh touch! They also had really quick service and friendly workers. This is definitely a MUST TRY! 

8. The Burrow

Towards the end of the day, we were really exhausted haha!

Pear of Aces

The Burrow is a very nice place to hang and they sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The workers are really nice and friends.

So, there you have it! I really enjoyed filming this as well as blogging about this. Do provide some feedback if you like so that we can improve! To be honest, the video as well as this post was a little rush because finals are coming and I just wanted to complete this post as soon as possible so that I can focus on exams preparation. Nevertheless, I hope you liked the video!

Before ending this post, I would like to introduce you guys to this wonderful website: The Urban List. They provide really good information for places to eat as well as markets and other interesting things you can do in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Do check out the website and like their Facebook page for more updates! How I really wish they have an app! Haha.

Alright! That's it from me now! I'll see you guys soon!