Friday, August 1, 2014

Review: Innisfree Mineral Moisture Foundation SPF34 PA++

This is not a sponsored post

Hey guys! I'm back with a review on one of Innisfree's product which is the Mineral Moisture Foundation.
I've been sleeping really late recently (I'm not exaggerating. I slept at 4-5am most of them time. Don't ask me what I did. I thought that during the holidays I would sleep early since my skin condition was already really bad due to staying up really late studying for the first semester's exam. But NOOOO... I wasted my entire semester break. I didn't get enough rest at all. Really regretted it :/)

To take opportunity of this situation, I decided to do a review on this foundation to show you guys a better result of the product. Just a warning before you continue read this post, my skin condition is really really bad. Sorry if I scared you guys. Haha! I did not edit any pimples out - I rarely edit pictures except for the colours.

Product Information:
Product Brand: Innisfree
Product Name: Mineral Moisture Foundation (SPF34 PA++)
Type: W2 (Warm colour tone, Natural Beige)
Made In: Korea
Size: 30 mL

Claims to provide:
1. Deep moisture
2. Perfect coverage
3. Perfect fit


It has a very watery texture and it gives a dewy skin finish.

Are you ready for my current face condition :O :O :O?!

Bare face - after my normal morning skincare routine. It's so scary isn't it :O

This is the amount that I used for my face which is about half a pump.

I usually blend the foundation with Innisfree Make up Air Magic Puff because it gives a better application and it reduces the flakiness around dry areas of your skin. 

Besides that, it is also easier to spread the product as it is watery and spread really well.
Innisfree Make-up Air Magic Puff

It gives a light coverage. The pimples are not that visible in real life compared to the pictures. This is because I had bad bedroom lighting and lamp with creates shadows. You can also build up the coverage by dabbing a second layer of foundation. (I only had one layer of foundation)

And to finish off, complete the rest of the make up and do your hair :)

What Do I Think?
  • It gives a dewy finish which is what I'm always looking for in BB Creams/ Foundations/ CC Creams. Don't you just love Korean celebrities dewy and soft skin!
  • Even though it gives a dewy skin effect, it is more hydrating and less oily compared to many other BB Creams/ Foundations. I realised that my skin is less oily at the end of the day after using this.
  • This foundation is quite long lasting - rarely smudge and transfer after applying. 
  • It also does not cake!
  • It contains quite a high SPF - SPF34 and PA ++. However, do not skip your sunscreen! It is very important to protect your skin under the sun!
  • This product comes with a pump which is really convenient and more hygienic. 
  • Innisfree products are well known due to their natural products as well as their eco-friendly packaging (In this Mineral Moisture Foundation, it contains Jeju green tea). It's really nice to know that the make up that you use don't contain a lot of chemicals as it could cause harm to your face permanently. 
  • It is very affordable.

  • It only gives a light coverage - it may not be enough for people with very severe acne. However, you can build up the coverage by apply two layers of foundation.
  • Do bear in mind though, if you apply too much, your face may appear white or pink. Apply little by little, do not go overboard :)
  • It does, to some extend, enhance some parts of your dry/ flaky skin, but as mentioned before, you can avoid this by using a sponge or brush. What you can also do is put on primer before hand or moisturize your face. I find that my base make up goes on really well after using sunscreen!
  • It has quite a strong smell, but it didn't bothered me too much.
Overall, I love this product and I would repurchase this product as it is quite affordable. I think it would be better when my acne are cleared (which means less coverage is needed). The most important this for me is that this foundation does not cake! I really hate it when it foundations or BB cream cake!

Alright that's it from me!

Hopefully my skin will heal faster!

Anyways, I also hope you guys find this post somewhat informative and has helped you!
Take care and I will be back with other posts :)