Wednesday, December 18, 2013

AMYC (Lifegame) 2013 - Melbourne

Hey guys! I'm back with another AMYC post which means that this is going to be a long entry! If you've been following my blog for a long time, you would know that I would attend a Methodist youth conference every end of the year. So as usual, I'll be blogging about it here :)

This year's AMYC is in Melbourne again! :)

Even though its summer in Melbourne, the weather was so cold! :(

I lost my bunny ear beanie in Melbourne :(

Our hotel: Tune Hotel

We went to Lygon Street which is popular for its Italian food and decided to have dinner at Universal Pizza Italian Restaurant.

Marinara Spaghetti




 The next morning we went for a late lunch at SugarBun which is located in China Town

I have not had SugarBun since ages! If you do not know what SugarBun is, it is a very popular fast food restaurant in Sarawak.

Everyone being so anti-social. Tsktsk.

Our food! It was really good especially the Butter Milk Prawn.

Three Layer Tea! I would always order this drink whenever I'm in Malaysia! I miss this drink. I prefer wheat grass over Gula Melaka (referring to the bottom layer). 

Outside the ABC Broadcasting Corporation

Christmas is coming!

Racheal and Rebecca! Ngaw, how I wished that you guys stayed at Melbourne until post AMYC!

Yup, just casually sitting on the ground of the busy side walk while waiting for others.

We heard that Lord of the Fries is a must try in Melbourne.

It was delicious but I don't find anything special about it.

Ngaw, these two having some alone time. Haha 

After resting and eating, we continued our day with shopping since some of them needed thicker clothes. We didn't expect the weather to be so cold!

This guy has a very nice voice!

That night we went to Shop House Kitchen for dinner. 

Choosing what to eat is the hardest decision throughout the entire trip. Haha.

I really like the design of their menu.
I don't remember what we ordered but it was good and cheap! :)

Image by Jenn Lau

Had a lot of fun that night. We took a lot of pictures but none of them were good Haha!

All of us woke up really early the next morning because we had to travel to the camp site.

Image by Crosby Chang
Campsite: Rawson Village 

Unfortunately, I was not able to take any pictures during the Lifegame camp as well as explain the game to anyone that have not experience the game before. This is because they want people to go through the game themselves so that they would learn more as well as have a bigger impact on them.

What is Lifegame? 
Lifegame is a very popular camp event in Malaysia. Their aim is for you to discover your purpose and meaning of life. For more information, visit their website: LifeIMPACT

During talent night:
Image by Crosby Chang
Andrew is so good! :O Seriously, check out the video below!

Video by Crosby Chang

Image by Jenn Lau

With Audrey the night before.

Central Park East!

If you're wondering why are we posing like that, its our chant's pose... Haha

Andrew just casually taking my camera and camwhoring with it.

and my phone...

Thank God I do not own an iPhone. 

On the last day we had praise and worship, and after that, it was time to take heaps of pictures with everyone!

These two guys.... Haha

I really love this picture! Haha

Image by Jenn Lau


My very good looking girls, Dao, Christabel and Jenn ;)

Joshua Boss Wong! Thank you for always looking out for me :)



Valerie :)

Le best friend and Esther :*


Johnathon, we meet again! Hopefully I will remember your name :P Or else I'll just call you 'thank you very much'. Haha.

Image by Crosby Chang
Ngaww these pretty ladies

Ah Ben
Seriously never taken a picture with a normal expression before. -.-

Joash and Anita photobombing :( Haha, His face expression. 

Joash :)

Image by Crosby Chang

Image by Crosby Chang
Everyone. More than 300 people attended this camp!



Everyone just slept the entire trip back to the city as everyone was so tired!

Our Lifegame shirts. Even though my shirt size is S, its so huge! 

While we were taking pictures, there were these three lazy bums! Haha..

Different people had different opinion about their experience. To be honest, I really enjoyed the game especially towards the end. This is a very scary experience and really hit me in the face. I must say,to me it is a very good wake up call. 

Image by Crosby Chang

This year, we did not really get to mingle around as much since it was more of an individual game. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this camp as well as learnt a lot from it.

Stay tuned for more fun pictures from post AMYC!

Images are all taken by myself unless stated.