Sunday, July 29, 2012

7-8 Cafe Restaurant

7-8 Cafe Restaurant is a small shop that is located at Sunnybank. I went there with my family after Sunday service for lunch. We had a hard time finding for the store because the location was not so obvious.

 The outside of the restaurant. Hopefully, this will help you to find for the restaurant :))

 The environment of the restaurant was very colourful and the walls is filled with very appealing pictures of the dishes that the serve.

Sam came along with us!

My parent's dish! I don't really remember what it was but it was really really good. The fish was really tasty and soft!

Samantha's dish. Teriyaki Fish with Udon. This dish was average and I thought that the fish was a bit tough to eat.

Amos's dish: Fried fish filled (Grilled). This is the best dish out of the five! The fish was so crispy yet the inside was soft. I love it!

After everyone had finished their food, my dish was not served yet. It took them quiet a long time.

However, the dish was pretty good! Mine was Teriyaki Chicken with Rice.

Overall, the food that the served was good and had an average customer service. The price for the dishes were also average. Next time, I would want to try the beverages and cakes that they serve since they look really good (judging by the pictures on their walls).