Sunday, August 19, 2012


On my birthday, my beloved friends came over my house and gave me a surprise birthday party. But before that, I would just want to tell you guys what happened before the surprise. They said "Happy Birthday" to me in the morning and gave me presents as what you would normally do. Then, I asked them, do you guys want to go out for lunch, but all of them said that they were busy. Okay, I'm going to be a little thick-skin here. I thought that something was weird because I mean... it is a little impossible for them to be all busy. Haha, I even asked Leelian why she was busy (she came home with me) and guess what she said, "I need to do the laundry". LOL. I felt it was a little weird. Then, I forgot about everything since Rachel came straight from camp to say "Happy Birthday". While I was talking to Rachel, suddenly I heard a group of people singing "Happy Birthday" and when I walked out, I saw my friends from IES! I was very shocked! I'm so touched :)) Thank you so much!

*touched & surprised*

The birthday cake that they bought for me!

The group of people that came!

After that, camwhoring time!

LOL! Mark's facial expression!






Thank you so much for preparing the surprise for me! I really loved the presents that you guys gave me! I hope that we would always be supporting each other no matter what we go through. Thank you for always being there for me! :) Oh and also thank you to those that wished me Happy Birthday and the presents!

Love you guys!